Shoulder and Neck Pain

What is Shoulder and Neck Pain?

Pain in these parts of the body is a very common problem. The stressful and hectic routine that most people take can form points of accumulated tension in the shoulder and neck region, causing discomfort.

In fact, this area of ??the body is formed by a musculature essential for the movement of the upper limbs and the head. Throughout the day, muscle tissues contract exhaustively. This condition worsens when we stand still and maintain a position for hours at a time, without rest or relaxation.

According to Herbal Daily website, imbalances in the body over time create a wear pattern in the body and can eventually cause pain.

Shoulder and Neck Pain

This problem has several causes. It usually happens as a result of improper posture – when we sit hunched over for a long time, and the spine is bent. However, this pain can also be caused by other problems, such as stress, irritation, arthritis and other types of rheumatic diseases, among other causes.

The human body is a machine that is conditioned to react to potential threats. Thus, the brain ends up emitting warning signals that have the power to press the entire musculature. This upper region is usually the most affected, as the main function of these muscles is to support the body and keep it upright.

What is the importance of treating neck and shoulder pain?

The treatment of this type of pain is usually effective and will disappear after a few days. In fact, giving due attention to this nuisance is important for several reasons.

Prevent Complications

The sooner the patient treats the pain, the less likely it is that the clinical picture will progress to more serious complications, such as rheumatoid arthritis and muscle tightening.

Diagnose the Source

The treatment serves to diagnose the source of the pain. Therefore, no one is better than a doctor to indicate the necessary tests to be performed and to identify the source of the problem. Thus, the professional can prescribe the most appropriate remedies that will directly address the cause of the pain.

Prevent the problem from Recurring

Proper treatment can also end shoulder and neck pain altogether. Most patients are recommended to do physiotherapy sessions and other types of posture establishment and firming exercises. In addition, they are being re-educated to adopt healthier habits that cause less stress. Thus, the chances of the problem appearing again are very small.

Identify more serious Diseases

Treating pain is also a way to identify more serious problems. So, at the first sign of pain, turn on the alert and see a doctor if it doesn’t go away in a few days. This care prevents the development of more serious diseases. It may be a simple muscle tension caused by poor posture, but there may also be a picture of rheumatoid arthritis or even a tumor.

What are the main causes of neck and shoulder pain?

Incorrect posture

Are you standing upright right now? It is very common that, during the day, people are a little careless, they sit crooked and curved. Many of them have a bad habit of tilting their heads down when typing on the computer, or else they bend when they touch their cell phones, gaining the hunchback aspect.

This is a custom not recommended by doctors and it will undermine the health of your neck and shoulder muscles over time. Most people will only start to feel pain when the problem has actually worsened. So try to police yourself during the day and also avoid staying in the same position for a long time.

Bad position when sleeping

Who has never slept badly and woke up in pain the next day? The worst thing is that we do it unconsciously and only realize the problem after we are already awake. Know that it is also possible to avoid this type of situation. A good idea is to buy an extra pillow and place it between your legs in order to support your spine and prevent it from becoming overloaded with your body weight throughout the night.

Muscle Tension

Muscle tension consists of extreme fatigue of the muscles that cause stiffness and frequent spasms. This condition can be linked to several factors, such as stress, worries, incorrect posture, staying in the same position for a long time, excessive training, among other aspects. The fact is that the tension ends up promoting a very heavy feeling in the region, especially in the neck, shoulders and back.

This symptom can be relieved by using hot compresses of water over the affected region. In addition, analgesic and anti-inflammatory medications also usually alleviate discomfort and pain. A good idea is to practice light exercises to strengthen the tissues of that region of the body.


Bruxism is a disease that causes involuntary teeth grinding during sleep. This contraction of the jaw exerts extra strong pressure on the neck muscles, which are overloaded. Thus, the individual may experience pain at dawn.

This condition can be hereditary, but it also tends to appear more frequently in individuals who are experiencing moments of stress, irritation and anxiety. Therefore, the ideal is to take care of the mind and see the doctor to assess the situation.


Torticollis is an acute pain that prevents the neck from moving widely. The person is unable to move the musculature and is unable to move sideways or up and down.

This clinical picture is the result of muscle spasms and contractures, usually during sleep. However, it can also be caused by excessive weight lifting and excessive physical activity.

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