Custody and Alimony

How to Get a Divorce in California [CA]

How to Get a Divorce in California: It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to get the divorce in California. But, for this, you must ensure that you are filing the petition correctly. You will of course have to comply with all the regulations of the state. For a “no-fault divorce”, you will have to live away from your spouse for a period of two years before you can make the filing. The petition might be otherwise rejected. According to the state laws, you can get the divorce, when both the parties have a common motive, and decide against leveling any charges. The judge decides about the custody issues, as neither party can blame the other.

In the “at-fault” divorce, you can bring in charges on the spouse for breaking the trust. The charges allowed in California are infidelity, impotency, drug intake, physical and emotional abuse, felony, abandonment or even lunacy.

Divorce in California – Custody and Alimony

Custody and Alimony

Issues relating to child custody and alimony are decided by the state, and must be sorted out between the two, before the proceedings for divorce begin. This is necessary in the state. There are specific regulations in the state about alimony, child custody and visitation rights. However, the court will always pass judgments based on the exact situation of a particular couple. The paperwork must be in place if you want the decision to go in your favor.

Child custody is always of critical importance in any divorce. In CA, the court will take a decision based on several factors. The child’s opinion will also be asked for.

It will just you just $100 to make the filing for divorce. Even though the cost of filing a divorce is very minimal, but it is still essential to maintain a record of the expenditure made with respect to the divorce, such as the filing for a divorce, and the costs of hiring the attorney to avoid future conflicts.

Divorce Decree in California

The divorce decree must contain details entailing the payment of alimony, if granted by the court. It should clearly state the distribution of wealth and property. It will also mention the common assets such as the automobile and the home, among others. The court is the competent authority here to take into account all factors before taking the decision.

The decree will also contain the distribution of debts the married couple had during the marriage. The debt also includes outstanding payment due on the credit card.

The decision regarding the alimony varies from one instance to another and will be decided upon considering a lot of factors. The alimony can be received as a one-time payment, or monthly payments can be received as well. The person who decides here is the parent who wins the custody of the child. The exact amount of the alimony will however be determined by the court. The divorce in California [Divorce Mediator California], decision made will be noted in the divorce decree to ensure that there are no confusions in the future.

The judge will listen to the arguments and will pass the judgment about the payment responsibilities, and will distribute this among the two.

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