Discover 6 Techniques For Improving Memory And Concentration

Improving memory and concentration is the desire of many people to increase performance in various tasks of daily life, such as in studies and at work. This is because these two capacities are fundamental to achieve good results in any type of activity.

However, in the face of so much interference from the environment (sounds, lights, application notifications, among others), having a good concentration has become a challenge for most of us. At the same time, we are bombarded with information for most of the day, which makes it harder to remember everything, even the most relevant things.

So, what to do to improve memory and concentration? In this post, we will give you 6 tips that will help you have better results at work and in studies. Follow!

1. Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Improving Memory

Both memory and focus are the result of several brain connections functioning in harmony. For this whole process to occur satisfactorily, nothing better than keeping your mind away from distractions that can compromise its health.

2. Practice Memorization Exercises

Imagine that your brain is like a muscle: the more you exercise it, the stronger it will become. Therefore, practicing activities that help with memorization is essential so that you can retain more content and easily remember them.

Working on your memory is even useful to avoid health complications that cause forgetfulness, especially during the elderly phase, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, among other related pathologies.

3. Meditate Regularly

Meditation has great effects on an individual’s body and mind. Meditative practice helps to become more aware of yourself, encouraging you to pay attention to your own breathing and to be able to control your thoughts.

It, in itself, is already an exercise in concentration. After all, spending a few minutes standing in silence, watching how you are feeling already involves a lot of effort. As a result, your mind gets used to focusing on what matters and retaining that knowledge. That is, a great method to improve memory and concentration.

4. Turn Off The “Autopilot”

Do you remember the example of changing the way to work? It is a way to turn off the autopilot. This is the name given when someone does things pragmatically, without paying attention, mainly because he is already used to performing a certain task.

Autopilot often allows thoughts to spread to other subjects, which are not necessarily related to the action taken at the moment. In this way, their concentration is increasingly impaired by being too dispersed.

5. Dedicate Yourself To Learning New Things

Learning something new is another very interesting tip to improve your performance in everyday activities. This is because it is easier to focus on new things, precisely because it is not possible to use the autopilot.

6. Avoid Drinking Alcohol And Cigarettes

Bad habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can cause numerous health damage. In addition to being risk factors for the appearance of cancer , respiratory diseases, liver complications and several other damages, when consumed in the long term, both generate memory problems, for they bring toxins to the brain and, with this, compromise the proper functioning of the organ.

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Tips To Encourage Beginners For Their Muscle Building Goals

Encouraging the systematic practice of exercises making you understand the principles of training (adaptation, overload, specificity, progression and variability) is essential. But in order not to fall into the routine and monotony of workouts that is usually the biggest complaint in weight rooms, we can:

Tips To Encourage Beginners For Their Muscle Building Goals

Muscle Building Goals

include aerobics between sets, being able to do the training in circuit form, when the objective is to increase the energy expenditure of the session;

we can decrease the training change time, using different devices to achieve the same goal;

further customize training, not copying cake recipes. Thus, the student will see the results and be motivated to continue. Generally what works for one student may not be good for another;

teach you how to deal with machines, bars, weights, so that you don’t feel intimidated in front of other students;

optimize your training time. Very long workouts end up tiring and discouraging.

stipulate with the student goals to be achieved and time for that to happen;

What should not be missing in a muscle mass training workout

The main point to note and that cannot be missed is planning. To obtain optimal results and reach the goals, it is not enough to simply do resistance exercises anyway.

It is necessary to have a control of the training since the evaluation . The training formulation must identify rhythm, intensity, volume, load, forms of execution, among others. The planning facilitates the organization of the training that needs to have an almost daily control.

It is more important that the evaluation is to reevaluate. The constant measurement and analysis of training loads allows the optimization of overloads individually providing the student with considerable and visible improvements, in a safe and organized way.

Choose foods:

After defining the amounts of macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrate), it is time to put together the menu by inserting the micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and water). After that only if necessary, food supplements. Taking care of the day with and without training, always maintaining moderation.

How to Increase Memory and Brain Power

What Are Green Fruit Smoothies?

If you read about green smoothies, it does not mean that they are talking about a drink with food coloring in it. A green smoothie is a drink made by mixing fresh green leafy vegetables, such as kale and spinach. Some people also use fresh green herbs like mint or parsley in their smoothies.

The green drinks that are being talked about more and more not only have a unique color, but they also offer many unique health benefits. Made with green leafy vegetables that are packed with antioxidants and vitamins, these green drinks are an excellent way to enjoy a delicious drink that satisfies your appetite and also provides maximum nutrition.

Green Fruit Smoothies

Most people who advocate the nutritional value of a fruit smoothie believe it is best if the full blend is made from fresh food ingredients. That is, fresh fruit instead of frozen or canned, and with fresh juice, such as fresh coconut water or almond milk, instead of milk or yogurt, as in some smoothie recipes. And if you need another vegan option to add to your green fruit smoothie, how about homemade hemp milk?

Are these drinks bad for me?

Recently, some negative articles have surfaced online claiming that smoothies are bad for your health, which we believe is completely misleading information mainly because there is no evidence to support this. On the contrary, in recent years, the Internet has collected thousands of testimonials from people around the world letting us know how these drinks have vastly improved their health.

The benefits of fresh green blends

Leafy greens are the number one food often missing from our Western diet. However, they are a very important part of good health. Leafy green vegetables help us to increase our energy, prevent cancer, remove congestion, cleanse our body and many more other health benefits. Daily intake of green leafy vegetables will help you maintain long-lasting and vibrant energy, have healthier skin and ensure you get your daily dose of vitamins A, C, E and K, as well as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus and zinc. In addition, they are packed with fiber, folic acid, chlorophyll and many other micronutrients and phytochemicals.

How To Choose The Best Fruits And Vegetables

How to Increase Memory and Brain Power

There are some techniques to give a boost in the functioning of the brain and enhance intelligence if performed with a certain frequency. Click here for more information on Brain Supplement.

Find out what they are:  Practicing physical activity

improves brain power, as it stimulates neurogenesis, that is, it forms new brain cells and helps in the maintenance of existing neurons; Learning new things increases the size of the hippocampus, the area of ??the brain associated with memory and learning; when you stop learning, parts of the brain can shrink. Research shows that lifelong learning effectively increases brain power. Like physical activity, it improves memory and stimulates the brain.


Learning to Play

a musical instrument increases the activity on the left side of the brain, responsible for creativity; music-trained individuals have better verbal memory;

Brain enhancement programs , such as mnemonic training are also great allies to exercise memory and the brain in general; helps the mind to code and retrieve important information more efficiently;

Giving the brain new experiences is excellent for keeping it even healthier. Cognitive training is like “bodybuilding” for the mind, as it unites physical sensations that cause different types of reactions, stimulating specific areas of the most important organ of our body.


Some foods can also help increase brain power and cognitive performance, in addition to favoring brain activity in general.

Good quality fats, such as Omega 3, 6 and 9, present in fish or when supplemented during pregnancy, help a better development of the baby’s brain.

Oil seeds, such as nuts, chestnuts, among others, have a special combination of nutrients, which, when ingested, are excellent for brain health and performance.

Poor quality food,  In the case of a diet with the presence of sugars and refined carbohydrates, brings a feeling of well-being, but it does not mean that they are healthy, on the contrary, they can harm and even cause damage to brain cells. In the future this may mean consequences that generate neurological conditions, such as lack of memory, Alzheimer’s, depression, anxiety, among others.


A good night of restful sleep is essential to maintain cognitive and brain performance, since it is when, in addition to rest, the body regulates all body functions, especially those of the mind.

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How To Choose The Best Fruits And Vegetables

Adopting a healthy diet, with the consumption of fruits and vegetables, can become a trap when we do not know how to choose these vegetables.

Eating habits that include eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis is essential for healthy living. However, for some people, choosing these foods is a complicated task.

Those who are not used to buying this type of food may end up taking home products with quality below the expected, which greatly compromises the success of the healthy diet. Juice-free fruits, dried vegetables and contaminated vegetables are among the pitfalls that lack of experience can lead us to.

In order for you to always buy the best products, we have put together a series of tips that will facilitate your trip to the fair, supermarket or fruit and vegetable shop.

You will see that some rules are specific and specific to each food, but there are those more general tips that apply to all products.



Pineapple: To know if the pineapple is ripe, it is necessary that one of the “leaves” in the middle of its crown comes out easily when it is pulled. In addition, the smoother your peel is , the greater the chance that it will be very sweet.

Watermelon and melon: First of all, identify the side through which the stem of the fruit comes out. Then lightly squeeze the opposite end of it, if it is soft, the fruit is ripe. If it is too soft, the fruit may be ironed.

Lemon and orange: The tip for these fruits is to always buy the smoothest and brightest peels. This is the main indication of ripe, fresh and juice-filled fruit!

Strawberry and tomato: These two fruits do not ripen after being picked, as with other vegetables, so don’t choose the ones that are green. In addition, those that are soft must have passed the point, compromising its flavor.

Banana: Unlike strawberries, bananas can be purchased green which, if left out of the refrigerator, will ripen in a few days. Always opt for bunches with smaller, fatter fruits, they will have less pesticides and more nutrients.

Grape: The grapes also do not ripen after being picked, so choose the most purple or green, depending on the type of grape you choose to buy. If the grapes in the bunch are whitish, leave them, they were harvested ahead of time.

Vegetables and Greens:

Potato: Be alert when the potato skin is greenish, this is a sign of the presence of toxic substances. Also avoid those with sprouts, this characteristic indicates that the starch contained in the vegetable has already turned into sugar, and this only happens in potatoes that have already passed.

Onions: Like potatoes, onions that have sprouts should not be purchased. Those with a strong smell should also be discarded, as this is a strong sign of decay.

Sweet potatoes : Prefer the longest sweet potatoes, measuring between 13 and 15 cm. The skin must be smooth and very thin, and the potato must be firm.

Cabbage and broccoli: Buy only dark green leaves, without spots and firm. These spots indicate oxidation. Also, in the case of cabbage, do not buy the leaves already cut, because, once chopped, the cabbage starts losing nutrients.

Spinach: Because it is a very sensitive vegetable, spinach should always be refrigerated in the markets. If you buy vegetables at fairs, they should always be moist. Never take home packs with dry, yellowed leaves and dark stems. These characteristics show that the spinach is old.

Carrot and okra: Make sure the tip of the two vegetables breaks easily. If they are withered and limp, they are old. Always choose the smallest carrots and okra; when very large, the chance of being hard is greater.

4 Types of Detox – Choose what Suits You Best

What is Shoulder and Neck Pain?

Pain in these parts of the body is a very common problem. The stressful and hectic routine that most people take can form points of accumulated tension in the shoulder and neck region, causing discomfort.

In fact, this area of ??the body is formed by a musculature essential for the movement of the upper limbs and the head. Throughout the day, muscle tissues contract exhaustively. This condition worsens when we stand still and maintain a position for hours at a time, without rest or relaxation.

According to Herbal Daily website, imbalances in the body over time create a wear pattern in the body and can eventually cause pain.

Shoulder and Neck Pain

This problem has several causes. It usually happens as a result of improper posture – when we sit hunched over for a long time, and the spine is bent. However, this pain can also be caused by other problems, such as stress, irritation, arthritis and other types of rheumatic diseases, among other causes.

The human body is a machine that is conditioned to react to potential threats. Thus, the brain ends up emitting warning signals that have the power to press the entire musculature. This upper region is usually the most affected, as the main function of these muscles is to support the body and keep it upright.

What is the importance of treating neck and shoulder pain?

The treatment of this type of pain is usually effective and will disappear after a few days. In fact, giving due attention to this nuisance is important for several reasons.

Prevent Complications

The sooner the patient treats the pain, the less likely it is that the clinical picture will progress to more serious complications, such as rheumatoid arthritis and muscle tightening.

Diagnose the Source

The treatment serves to diagnose the source of the pain. Therefore, no one is better than a doctor to indicate the necessary tests to be performed and to identify the source of the problem. Thus, the professional can prescribe the most appropriate remedies that will directly address the cause of the pain.

Prevent the problem from Recurring

Proper treatment can also end shoulder and neck pain altogether. Most patients are recommended to do physiotherapy sessions and other types of posture establishment and firming exercises. In addition, they are being re-educated to adopt healthier habits that cause less stress. Thus, the chances of the problem appearing again are very small.

Identify more serious Diseases

Treating pain is also a way to identify more serious problems. So, at the first sign of pain, turn on the alert and see a doctor if it doesn’t go away in a few days. This care prevents the development of more serious diseases. It may be a simple muscle tension caused by poor posture, but there may also be a picture of rheumatoid arthritis or even a tumor.

What are the main causes of neck and shoulder pain?

Incorrect posture

Are you standing upright right now? It is very common that, during the day, people are a little careless, they sit crooked and curved. Many of them have a bad habit of tilting their heads down when typing on the computer, or else they bend when they touch their cell phones, gaining the hunchback aspect.

This is a custom not recommended by doctors and it will undermine the health of your neck and shoulder muscles over time. Most people will only start to feel pain when the problem has actually worsened. So try to police yourself during the day and also avoid staying in the same position for a long time.

Bad position when sleeping

Who has never slept badly and woke up in pain the next day? The worst thing is that we do it unconsciously and only realize the problem after we are already awake. Know that it is also possible to avoid this type of situation. A good idea is to buy an extra pillow and place it between your legs in order to support your spine and prevent it from becoming overloaded with your body weight throughout the night.

Muscle Tension

Muscle tension consists of extreme fatigue of the muscles that cause stiffness and frequent spasms. This condition can be linked to several factors, such as stress, worries, incorrect posture, staying in the same position for a long time, excessive training, among other aspects. The fact is that the tension ends up promoting a very heavy feeling in the region, especially in the neck, shoulders and back.

This symptom can be relieved by using hot compresses of water over the affected region. In addition, analgesic and anti-inflammatory medications also usually alleviate discomfort and pain. A good idea is to practice light exercises to strengthen the tissues of that region of the body.


Bruxism is a disease that causes involuntary teeth grinding during sleep. This contraction of the jaw exerts extra strong pressure on the neck muscles, which are overloaded. Thus, the individual may experience pain at dawn.

This condition can be hereditary, but it also tends to appear more frequently in individuals who are experiencing moments of stress, irritation and anxiety. Therefore, the ideal is to take care of the mind and see the doctor to assess the situation.


Torticollis is an acute pain that prevents the neck from moving widely. The person is unable to move the musculature and is unable to move sideways or up and down.

This clinical picture is the result of muscle spasms and contractures, usually during sleep. However, it can also be caused by excessive weight lifting and excessive physical activity.

How to Increase Memory and Brain Power


FOODS THAT INCREASE TESTOSTERONE NATURALLY – One of the simplest ways to increase testosterone naturally is through the use of foods that provide specific nutrients so that the body itself has the “materials” necessary to produce anabolic hormones.


body building


Testosterone is a hormone that has numerous functions in our body, which go far beyond “just” controlling sexual appetite and generating the main characteristics of the man’s body.

Having adequate testosterone levels is essential to have energy, motivation, libido, burn more fat and gain more muscle mass .

Simply put, the more testosterone we have, the greater the potential to gain muscle mass and generate the other benefits related to high testosterone.

One of the best ways to raise this hormone is to take care of your diet. through it it is possible to supply nutrients so that our endocrine system has what it needs to produce more hormones, mainly testosterone. Luckily for you, this is the purpose of this text. Why not Find Out More:

Food that can Increase Testosterone levels Naturally

Healthy food clean eating selection
Healthy food clean eating selection: fish, fruit, vegetable, seeds, superfood, cereals, leaf vegetable…

1- All Types of Potatoes

all types of Potatoes

Carbohydrates are extremely important for the production of hormones such as testosterone.

However, eating carbohydrates through grains is not always a good idea for our hormonal system, especially for those who may have some sensitivity to gluten.

A better solution?


You can – and should – eat all types of potatoes. Whether sweet or English, potatoes do not contain gluten and are one of the best sources of carbohydrates to increase testosterone, in addition to being rich in numerous nutrients that will do good health.

2 – Cafe


Cafe has numerous benefits, but one that few people know about is that it can also increase testosterone levels.

Coffee consumption can increase levels of cAMP which is a kind of “messenger” of our body and is involved in several biological processes, one of which is the increase in testosterone.

Any type of coffee can help in the production of testosterone, just don’t drink a liter of coffee a day, otherwise you can favor the production of cortisol and end up generating the opposite effect (in the course of the text you will understand why).

3 – Oilseeds


Oilseeds – nuts, chestnuts and almonds – are sources of good fats that help in the production of hormones like testosterone.

But this is not their strong point, oilseeds contain a lot of selenium, a mineral that can directly increase testosterone.

Just a handful of your favorite oilseeds a day can already provide all the selenium you need to maximize testosterone production.

Other foods rich in selenium:

– Fish
– Seeds
– Pork
– Whole grains

4 – Parsley

Yes, parsley. This extremely common condiment contains a compound called apigenin.

Research shows that apigenin can increase a protein that controls how much cholesterol inside the testes is converted to free testosterone.

So, in theory, the more parsley, the more apigenin and the more testosterone.

You don’t need to overdose on parsley to extract its benefits, but consider using it as the main condiment in most of your meals.

5 – Ginger

The active ingredient in ginger, gingerol, is a potent natural anti-inflammatory.

It is no wonder that many people, when they have the flu or sore throat, use ginger to try to alleviate their symptoms.

In addition to being an anti-inflammatory, studies show that ginger can also act as an androgenic compound in the body, increasing testosterone by more than 10%.

6 – Cocoa

Integral cocoa is rich in anti-oxidants, enzymes, probiotics and several important minerals for our endocrine health.

Studies show that this form of cocoa can improve cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure and, guess what, naturally increase testosterone .

Just keep in mind that we are talking about cocoa in its purest (integral) form. Don’t think that by eating chocolate every day, you will derive these benefits.

7 – Eggs


Eggs are considered to be “perfect” sources of protein, as they provide the perfect range of amino acids that the human body needs.

Eggs also provide virtually all vitamins, with the exception of vitamin C.

They also have a good combination of fats, containing 38% saturated fats, 44% monounsaturated fats and 18% polyunsaturated fats.

What interests us is that this combination of fats and micro nutrients is great for boosting testosterone naturally.

The most important factor is that the yolk provides large amounts of cholesterol, a direct precursor to testosterone.

And no, eggs will not affect your heart health because they are rich in cholesterol or fats, this myth has long since fallen apart.

Tips To Encourage Beginners For Their Muscle Building Goals

4 Types of Detox – Choose what Suits You Best

In our blog post ‘ The benefits of a gut detox ‘ you can read what a detox is and what the benefits are of a gut detox. However, there are many more different types of detox. Which type of detox is most suitable for you depends on your own preference and objective. In this blog we list 4 different types of detox for you.

Liver Detox


The liver is by far the most important detox organ in the body, since day and night it is busy identifying, neutralizing and removing toxic substances. If you want to support the liver function, it is important to eat lots of raw green leafy vegetables (or drink them through green smoothies), since it contains a lot of chlorophyll, which supports the natural cleansing of the liver. In addition, you can take superfoods that are high in chlorophyll, such as wheatgrass powder , chlorella and spirulina , and other liver cleansing foods such as lemon, lime and celery.

Juice Fasting

Kidney Detox

The best way to clean your kidneys is to drink 2 to 3 liters of (spring) water throughout the day, so that your kidneys are thoroughly flushed. In addition, it is good to eat some extra acidic fruit (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit). If you want to treat your kidneys extra, drink organic coconut water that is bursting with vitamins and minerals. Organifi Green Juice powder supplement that Helps in Managing Healthy Nutritional Need.

Heavy metal Detox

Most people have a lot of heavy metals in their body, such as mercury, aluminum and cadmium. These heavy metals are stored in fat cells, where they can sometimes sit for years and eventually make the body sick. It is therefore wise to rid your body of these highly toxic substances once or twice a year. The best way is an extensive detox treatment (for example the 21-day cleaning of Blessed Herbs ), but you can also support your body daily in the removal of heavy metals with Oxy-Powder (Global Healing Center), chlorella and spirulina. In addition, it is of course wise to get into contact with heavy metals as little as possible, but unfortunately you can never completely prevent it.

pH Detox

Your body thrives best in a somewhat alkaline environment. Unfortunately, the body of most people is far too acidic, due to excessive consumption of processed foods, grains and meat. You can make your body more alkaline by doing a pH detox, where you only eat raw food for a week or more, so only uncooked / uncooked vegetables, fruit, raw nuts , seeds and sprouts. You can measure your pH value yourself with these handy pH test strips .

How To Choose The Best Fruits And Vegetables

Protect the child’s skin against the sun

By observing these tips, you can optimally protect the child’s skin against the sun.
Children under 12 months prefer to stay out of the sun.
10 percent discount on sunscreen products!

Keep children out of the sun as much as possible, but certainly between 12.00 and 15.00. Let children play in the shade as much as possible on sunny days. Shadow limits exposure to UV radiation, but does not completely eliminate it. Also in the shade it is important to smear children.

Know that we are also exposed to UV radiation on a cloudy summer’s day. Clouds do not stop that radiation completely. Protection is also necessary when it is cloudy.

Let children get used to the sun in the spring. This creates a thickening of the skin that provides natural protection against the sun.
Use an anti-sunburn product for children with a minimum of 30.
Always lubricate your child half an hour before it goes in the sun, so that the sunscreen has had enough time to retreat.

Lubricate sensitive parts such as nose, ears, eyelids, neck and white edges that come under clothing.
Lubricate children every two hours and every time they come out of the water again. Do this even if your child is smeared with a waterproof sunscreen. By playing, drying and sweating a part of the product goes off again.

Get children, even if they are smeared with the highest factor, after a maximum of 3 hours from the sun.
Have your child wear sunglasses with a CE marking, which stops UV radiation. The CE marking is a product label that indicates that the product has been tested according to European specifications and actually protects the eyes.
Clothing offers the best protection against UV radiation in combination with sunscreen products. Put your child in a sun hat or hat and pull him or her a T-shirt.

When there is light burning, aftersun can help the skin recover faster. Aftersun also offers cooling for the skin.
The stronger the solar power, the more harmful UV radiation. Sign up for free Sun protection advice by e-mail, twitter or mobile. The advice is linked to the Zonkracht (KNMI) of the day.

5 tips to remove fat from the pectorals

4 Natural nerve pain treatment

Natural painkillers , do they exist? Or have we been sentenced to the painkillers that fight pain as a symptom without bringing the body into balance? Yes, those painkillers are there. You have to search well, because you will not find via advertising through the pharmaceutical industry. Doctors generally do not know these substances either. Because doctors visitors do not speak about it.


Palmitoylethanolamide is extensively treated elsewhere ; it is an endogenous painkiller, which is free of side effects and can be taken without problems together with other medications. It naturally inhibits pain and chronic inflammations.

Try this drug 2 months before you make a final assessment. The drug resets the entire pain system, and requires time. This applies to virtually all natural painkillers. But also pharmaceutical drugs, such as Lyrica, you have to try for several weeks before pain relief occurs. Palmitoylethanolamide has been studied in a large number of pain types, from reniapine to osteoarthritis pain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome pain and pain in diabetes and after chemotherapy, and can be tried for all types of pain. No side effects and no interactions with other means.

Alpha lipoic acid

Alpha lipoic acid is especially well researched in pain from diabetes and diabetes pain, and in Germany even registered as a medicine. Alpha-lipoic acid is a so-called coenzyme that plays an important role in the citric acid cycle. This is a series of biochemical processes that take place in a cycle through which sugar (glucose) is converted into energy (ATP). Alpha-lipoic acid and its degradation product dihydrolipoic acid act as anti-oxidants: these are substances that can neutralize the so-called free oxygen radicals. Oxygen radicals are reactive molecules that affect structures of the body, such as nerve barriers and cell membranes. So substances that accelerate us rust. The effect is documented in more than 15 clinical studies.


For patients with pain due to rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, an interesting preparation has become available: Boswellia Research is currently being carried out at various locations. This preparation is a vegetable medicine from Ayurvedic medicine, which has the same effect as corticosteroids and forms the basis of incense! The effect is examined pharmacologically and relies on the inhibition of the inflammatory process via so-called leucotriene inhibition. Leucotrienes provide the body with fueling and maintaining the inflammatory process. Boswellia acids inhibit the enzyme, 5-lipoxygenase, which plays a key role in the production of leucotrienes.


Curcuma is a centuries-old medicinal herb, which is widely known in Ayurvedic medicine. For several years it has become increasingly clear that Curcuma has a lot to offer, provided that you take a biologically available preparation. Curcuma from the spice jar is almost in the blood after ingestion. Well if you add black pepper and heat it in fat (eg in coconut oil).

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