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Foods that Increase Testosterone Naturally

Foods that Increase Testosterone Naturally – One of the simplest ways to increase testosterone naturally is through the use of foods that provide specific nutrients so that the body itself has the “materials” necessary to produce Anabolic hormones.

Foods that Increase Testosterone Naturally

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Testosterone is a hormone that has numerous functions in our body, which go far beyond “just” controlling sexual appetite and generating the main characteristics of the man’s body.

Having adequate testosterone levels is essential to have energy, motivation, libido, burn more fat and gain more muscle mass .

Simply put, the more testosterone we have, the greater the potential to gain muscle mass and generate the other benefits related to high testosterone.

One of the best ways to raise this hormone is to take care of your diet. through it it is possible to supply nutrients so that our endocrine system has what it needs to produce more hormones, mainly testosterone. Luckily for you, this is the purpose of this text.

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Food that can Increase Testosterone levels Naturally

Healthy food clean eating selection
Healthy food clean eating selection: fish, fruit, vegetable, seeds, superfood, cereals, leaf vegetable…

1- All Types of Potatoes

all types of Potatoes

Carbohydrates are extremely important for the production of hormones such as testosterone.

However, eating carbohydrates through grains is not always a good idea for our hormonal system, especially for those who may have some sensitivity to gluten.

A better solution?


You can – and should – eat all types of potatoes. Whether sweet or English, potatoes do not contain gluten and are one of the best sources of carbohydrates to increase testosterone, in addition to being rich in numerous nutrients that will do good health.

2 – Cafe


Cafe has numerous benefits, but one that few people know about is that it can also increase testosterone levels.

Coffee consumption can increase levels of cAMP which is a kind of “messenger” of our body and is involved in several biological processes, one of which is the increase in testosterone.

Any type of coffee can help in the production of testosterone, just don’t drink a liter of coffee a day, otherwise you can favor the production of cortisol and end up generating the opposite effect (in the course of the text you will understand why).

3 – Oilseeds


Oilseeds – nuts, chestnuts and almonds – are sources of good fats that help in the production of hormones like testosterone.

But this is not their strong point, oilseeds contain a lot of selenium, a mineral that can directly increase testosterone.

Just a handful of your favorite oilseeds a day can already provide all the selenium you need to maximize testosterone production.

Other foods rich in selenium:

– Fish
– Seeds
– Pork
– Whole grains

4 – Parsley

Yes, parsley. This extremely common condiment contains a compound called apigenin.

Research shows that apigenin can increase a protein that controls how much cholesterol inside the testes is converted to free testosterone.

So, in theory, the more parsley, the more apigenin and the more testosterone.

You don’t need to overdose on parsley to extract its benefits, but consider using it as the main condiment in most of your meals.

5 – Ginger

The active ingredient in ginger, gingerol, is a potent natural anti-inflammatory.

It is no wonder that many people, when they have the flu or sore throat, use ginger to try to alleviate their symptoms.

In addition to being an anti-inflammatory, studies show that ginger can also act as an androgenic compound in the body, increasing testosterone by more than 10%.

6 – Cocoa

Integral cocoa is rich in anti-oxidants, enzymes, probiotics and several important minerals for our endocrine health.

Studies show that this form of cocoa can improve cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure and, guess what, naturally increase testosterone .

Just keep in mind that we are talking about cocoa in its purest (integral) form. Don’t think that by eating chocolate every day, you will derive these benefits.

7 – Eggs


Eggs are considered to be “perfect” sources of protein, as they provide the perfect range of amino acids that the human body needs.

Eggs also provide virtually all vitamins, with the exception of vitamin C.

They also have a good combination of fats, containing 38% saturated fats, 44% monounsaturated fats and 18% polyunsaturated fats.

What interests us is that this combination of fats and micro nutrients is great for boosting testosterone naturally.

The most important factor is that the yolk provides large amounts of cholesterol, a direct precursor to testosterone.

And no, eggs will not affect your heart health because they are rich in cholesterol or fats, this myth has long since fallen apart.

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