5 Tips to Remove Fat from the Pectorals

Having firm and defined pectorals is the dream of many men. However, it is common for fat to accumulate in this area and it can be very difficult to eliminate it. Experts from the University of Madrid suggest that aerobic exercise and a diet rich in protein help eliminate fat from this area. suggests more tips to achieve some pectorals of envy.

1. Perform a routine of opening exercises with dumbbells. Open the arms to the sides of the body, bend the elbows a little and leave the palms of the hand up. Lift the weights and join them. Your arms should be straight with your elbows slightly bent. Contract the pectoral muscles and hold the position for a moment. Return to the starting position. Do three sets of eight repetitions.

2. Lie down on a bench. Use a weight appropriate to your training level. Hold the dumbbells close to the pectorals. Bring the dumbbells up with both arms. Lower the dumbbells slowly. Perform three sets of eight repetitions every two days.

3. Upside down, stretch your arms with your open hands resting on the floor at your shoulder height. Get up off the floor by stretching your arms. Contract the abdominal muscles while you get up. Keep your shoulders down. Slow down just before your arms are stretched. Do three sets of twelve repetitions.

4. Do aerobic activities such as walking, running or biking. Find an activity that you enjoy to help you burn chest fat. It is advisable to do aerobic exercise for 30 to 45 minutes at least three days a week.

5. Reduce your caloric intake to burn fat and lose weight . You must eliminate more calories than you consume. Replace junk food with fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins from lean meats.

To lose the weight of the pectorals, you must eat healthy and reduce the amount of calories in your meals. Do not forget to be constant in your exercise routine . In a short time you will notice the results.


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