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27th January, 2006
AIF Calls for Applications to 'India Medicorps Fellowship'

NEW YORK, Jan. 27 The American India Foundation (AIF)
invites applications to its newly-launched AIF India Medicorps fellowship.
In line with its ......
27th January, 2006
Updated: Leading Dermatologist Dr. Patricia Wexler to Appear on QVC Introducing Her Advanced Technology Skin Care Line

WEST CHESTER, Pa., Jan. 27 -- An acclaimed dermatological
surgeon, Dr. Patricia Wexler has treated some of the most famously beautiful
faces. Now she's bottled decades ......
25th January, 2006
Tips For Flat Pectorals
Checkout some vital tips for eliminate chest fat and get flat and perfect pectorals ......
25th January, 2006
Protect Childs Skin Against Radiation
Checkout tips for moms to protect their childs skin against harmful sun radiation.
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Health Dir is a global health and medical information portal that frequently updates the treatment options and supplement analysis for various health conditions such as aging, beauty, mental health, general health, chronic illness and nerve pain. At Health Dir, you can find answers for all your health related concerns along with professional review on various supplements. Recently we have published a medical evaluation of Inteligen, one of the most proclaimed mental health supplement. Like this we regularly publish review on some of the most highly marketed supplements. Keep in touch with us for more vital informations on various health issues.

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Hernia Information Site - UK
Category: Conditions and Diseases\ Digestive Disorders
Location: - - United Kingdom

This site describes what hernias are and how they are treated using open or laparoscopic techniques.
United Kingdom
Nursing Spectrum: Short Bowel Syndrome and the Hospitalized Pediatric Patient
Category: Conditions and Diseases\ Digestive Disorders
Location: - - United States

Nurses' knowledge and information about the care of patients with this syndrome and children who endure prolonged hospitalization.
United States
Beauty in Prague
Category: Medicine\ Surgery
Location: Prague - Czech Republic

Cosmetic surgery abroad in Prague, Czech Republic. Free consultation on facial plastic surgery, tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, breast enlargement, ......
Czech Republic
Phoenix Ostomy Chapter
Category: Conditions and Diseases\ Digestive Disorders
Location: Phoenix, Arizona - United States

Local chapters of UOA for people who have had ostomy surgery nad for their families, providing information, support, advice and ......
United States
Local Anaesthesia for Inguinal and Femoral Hernia Repair - UK -
Category: Conditions and Diseases\ Digestive Disorders
Location: Gloucestershire - United Kingdom

Advantages, disadvantages, local anaesthetic agents, technique, anatomy, method, complications of local anesthesia in this surgery.
United Kingdom
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